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That special link to the past which enables you to better understand who you are, where you've been and perhaps even where you are going.

We have numerous references here online for you in our BOOK NOOK as well as various census and cemetary records.

Those who say ancestral traits are a bunch of hogwash, haven't met OUR family!! So now, we invite you to kick back and come meet some of the wild, wacky, straight-laced, boring, fascinating melting pot of a group we lovingly call our family tree!


Pedigree for Lieutenant Colonel John Robert Stewart 
Stalcups and other related Swedish families are included here.

Lisa’s Website - For Hancock and Craven lines

The Beals Family

The Delaware Finns
A copy of the book which is now out of copyright.

The Boone County (Arkansas)
Historical and Railroad Society, Inc.

The Johan Anderson Stalcop History

The Swedish Colonial Society

The Cheek Family (van Hoose)


Genealogy Sites

Places Where You Can Find Historical Replicas & GREAT Information about the eras and locations for your genealogy research.




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